A few fun facts about baby George

(Please excuse the use of it to describe the baby, since we are not finding out the gender until it is born this is the easiest way to talk about it.)

It likes to kick mostly on the lower left side of my belly just above my hip.

It measured almost exactly the right size at the 20 week ultrasound which is pretty impressive judging by what the Dr. said and so I am hoping that we will have a nice 7-8lb baby and not the 9+lb baby like my husband was and my mother in law thinks we will have.

It has been giving me crazy sweet cravings that I have been trying to stave off with fruit but some times a mommy-to-be needs an apple fritter and there is just no other substitute.

I have read that the baby is swallowing amniotic fluid at this point and that what I eat will flavor the fluid so I have been trying to eat a wide variety of things so that it will have an early exposure to all kinds of foods and hopefully not be a picky eater.  That being said its seems to really like mexican food to the point that Bob jokes that it had better not come out looking more latino that it should having the genetic material from two very Scandinavian looking people.  (Lucky for us we have a pretty amazing selection of amazing mexican restaurants and taco trucks in our town!)

It has started kicking really hard in the last week or so.  Bob had been having trouble feeling the kicks and so when I put his hand on my belly when the baby was kicking last week and he felt a strong one he pulled his hand away in shock and yelled, “oh my god!” it was pretty hilarious and I laughed for a good 5 minutes.  I think he is a bit weirded out by the idea of having another creature moving around inside of you which is understandable.  Luckily I do not share that feeling or I wound need some serious therapy to get thought this.

Thats it for now!


Yep we are having a baby!

So we have kept this under wraps for a while as there were a few people we really wanted to tell in person but tomorrow we are going public with the big news that we will be adding a new George to the family this November.  The last six months have flown by and I cant believe that we will have a new baby in a few months.  We fluctuate between excitement and terror over the fast approaching event but overall we cant wait to meet our new little one.  

We are not going to find out the gender of the baby which I think is driving some of our family crazy, oh well!  We like the surprise of finding out when the baby is born and since we would mostly get gender neutral stuff for the nursery any way (so it can be used again for a possible sibling) we figure it does not matter that much when we find out.  I am a big fan of surprises and this is basically the best surprise of all!