Parenting surprise #1

Some times when I look at our son I feel like my heart is going to burst right out of my chest with pride at what a sweet and handsome little guy we made. I know I would love him but my goodness this feeling is more intense than I would have ever expected. Advertisements

About a year ago…

We are going in for out dental appointments today and it made me think of our appointments a year ago and something I had written then. This was entitled, “I made my husband pee on a stick.” So yesterday my husband walked into the living room and we had the following conversation. Husband, “So what […]

I’ve been a little busy…

I am proud to announce (if very belatedly) the birth of Miles Tiberius. I have been pretty busy keeping him fed and since I am breast feeding him I have not had much time to be on my computer. It was not until today that it occurred to me that there might be an app […]

The waiting game and making sheets

My 6 year old niece Allie:  “What day is your baby going to come?” Me: “Unfortunately babies come whenever they want to and don’t tell you when.” Allie: “Thats not very nice of them.” Oh Allie you are so right.  Playing the waiting game all month is going to be interesting (and very frustrating!).  I […]

My pregnancy must haves

Since I am coming to the end of my pregnancy I thought I would make a list of the things that helped me survive these last 9 months or so.  There are tons of lists like these out there so I am going to try to list things that are not on the typical lists […]

Kangaroo Care (or Skin to Skin)

I am the kind of person that feels more secure with the most amount of information and so since I am quickly approaching a pretty major event in my life that is unlike anything I have ever experienced I have been doing a ton of research on birth and to a lessor extent parenting.  One […]

Baking day!

I have loved baking for many years, when it comes to cooking I get a little board because I know how the different elements taste and I want to play and experiment and not follow recipes (unfortunately I am not experiences enough to have most of my experiments work out well) but baking is taking […]