Happy birthday to Milo’s name sake

When I was pregnant Bob and I discussed TONs of names and honestly we have a much harder time agreeing on a name for a possible male child than female as we both had names for boys that we were quite attached to and that we could not get the other to agree to. One of Bob’s name suggestions was Tiberius which I said I would consider for a middle name thinking that it was pretty unlikely that we would actually end up using it. One morning we were sitting in bed and Bob was reading an article that he thought I would like so started to read it to me. This is not the exact article but it covers the same topic. Any way I was all hormonal and by the end I was crying and just said, “yes!” Bob was very confused and inquired what I was saying yes to. I told him we could give out son if we had one the middle name Tiberius. So you see while Milo’s middle name is the same as Captain James T Kirk he is I fact names after the actor who played Kirk in the original series. Today is William Shatner’s birthday and so in honor of that we had a little photo shoot today. Ironically I bough toe onesie for Bob when I was pregnant and we had not decided or probably even discussed the middle name yet.



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