What is this not the right end to put in my mouth?


I am recovering from a nasty cough that has resulted in either a strained muscle or a bruised rib so am laying low and hoping to heal before we head to Portland in a week or so. The result if this is that Milo and I are hanging out in bed a lot which is where this photo was taken.

Milo has become a big fan of his pacifier and so we got him a WubbaNub which is a pacifier with a small stuffed animal attached to it so that he can hold it into his mouth better and it will sit on his chest and hold itself in. We have a baby that loves to smile which is wonderful but it’s hard to smile and hold a pacifier in your mouth at the same time so he was always loosing it. This seems to have helped a lot plus there are all kinds of other things on the monkey he can stick in his mouth.


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