About a year ago…


We are going in for out dental appointments today and it made me think of our appointments a year ago and something I had written then.

This was entitled, “I made my husband pee on a stick.”

So yesterday my husband walked into the living room and we had the following conversation.

Husband, “So what do you want to do for dinner?

Me, “I dont want to talk about food right now.”

Husband, “are you ok?

Me, “I am nauseous.”

Husband, “I have never seen anyone smile so big when they say that.”

Me, trying to hold on to some rationality, “It could be PMS.”

Last night we changed our dental appointments from April when we are planning to go visit my family to today so I realized that while it was unlikely to show anything I should probably take a pregnancy test this morning to see if it said anything even thought Aunt Flow is not due for two more days. So I woke up and peed on a stick not really expecting much of anything…but I got a faint line. So I called the doctors office in the hope that I could get a blood test pregnancy test and find out today wether I am defiantly or not pregnant. Unfortunately they only do the blood testing in cases where they are concerned about other factors that they want to test for at the same time. So I went in and peed in a cup and they should be sending me the results some time overnight. Guess who is not going to be getting much sleep tonight!

On the way home I had Bob stop at the store to get a name brand digital pregnancy test so I could take it in the morning if the one at the doctors comes back negative (the doctor said that because it is so early it might come back negative even if I am pregnant). The test I used this morning was a store brand and it was the first one I had used so I was worried that it was a defective batch or something (I am still trying to convince myself to not get excited) but I decided to try waiting to pee until I HAD to and try it again and I got an even fainter but still defiantly there line. There was only one test left in the store brand batch that I was using and I figured that if I was getting false positives or if I am pregnant I was not going to have any more use for them so I asked my husband to pee on the last one to make sure it was not doing it for anyone. No secondary blue line!

Of course the Dr.’s office test came back inconclusive and so was not at all helpful but in the end I was indeed pregnant as I discovered the next day with a digital home pregnancy test and the rest as they say is history.



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