Baking day!


I have loved baking for many years, when it comes to cooking I get a little board because I know how the different elements taste and I want to play and experiment and not follow recipes (unfortunately I am not experiences enough to have most of my experiments work out well) but baking is taking things like flour, oil, raw egg, and spices and mixing them in just the right proportion to make them taste divine.  Its like magic.  I am experienced enough as a baker to be pretty good at picking out good recipes for baking, or to tweak them if I think I can, but by no means to I feel like I can just experiment and have it turn out well.  I am also a big fan of Michael Pollan and one of his food rules is about not feeling to bad about indulging in sweets and such if you make them from scratch since they will not have as many of the nasty things as the processed boxed cookies and thing at the grocery store.  And so I bake, and today turned into a marathon baking day (that is not over yet).

I have been working on stocking the freezer with meals for after the baby comes and we will be surviving on little sleep.  Of course it will also be a time when it will be extra important to be getting lots of good nutritious food in our bodies so I have been setting aside two canning jars filled with whatever I have extra of (or that I made extra of) to put in the freezer for dinners.  I also wanted to have some things that will be easy for me to eat while I am breastfeeding as I have heard that I will be ravenous and thirsty all the time so things I can eat one handed while feeding baby George will be good.  I started out this morning making Sausage and Cheddar Biscuits I made last year for Christmas morning that was a big hit and is packed with calories and protein.  I even managed to get most of them in the freezer before my husband ate them all.  Next up I made Groaning Cake which is traditionally served after a baby is born to but I found a pretty good recipe that is recommended to snack on while in labor to help keep energy up.  I made a few tweaks to the recipe of my own by increasing the raisins to 1 cup and instead of 3 cups of flour I did 1 cup oat bran and 2 cups whole wheat flour.  I made them as mini muffins so I could eat them in one bite while I am in labor and not get crumbs all over my self and the bed if that is where I am at that point.  I think the recipe is still missing something but I cant pinpoint what it is yet, however if you put some jam or butter on them I think they will be quite tasty.  Even if you are not expecting it is a great recipe with LOTS of very nutritious things in it that would be great ti take on a hike or something.  These will also be going into the freezer to grab as we are on out way out the door to the hospital.

I’m still planning to make a pumpkin pie tonight as well, the Groaning Cake called for pumpkin and my sweet husband offered to get some of the beautiful organic pumpkins that the grocery store had for sale and cook it up for me instead of using canned pumpkin. I gladly accepted his help and suggested that it would not take much more time to do two pumpkins and then I would make a pie.  Bob loves pie so he was happy to comply.  I found this yummy sounding recipe as well as an alternative to make it with carrots that I am hoping to give a try out soon as well.  Hopefully my tired pregnant body will be able to get the pie done tonight because a slice of fresh made pie sounds absolutely perfect about now.  I have to say that I have no idea how much pie may or may not make it into the freezer for later consumption, probably none if I am being realistic.


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