I just had to share…

So after much deliberation and research Bob and I are taking the plunge into making something that I think is pretty ambitious (and no I am not talking about the baby!).  I am not telling what it is because I am mean like that, you can bet that I will share it on here after its done, or maybe even in progress, but for now I am just going to leave you with a few hints.

1.  We ordered 6lb of wool from a wool mill in Montana.

2. We took a trip to Jo-Ann’s and were pleasantly surprised to learn that they sell ticking which we bought several yards of.

3. We are going to save at minimum $150 making this ourselves, which is pretty awsome.

It is going to take some time for the wool to get to us but we may start part of the project before it gets here so I may give you guys a little sneak peak before it is all done.  And yes this is a project for the baby.


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