Kangaroo Care (or Skin to Skin)

I am the kind of person that feels more secure with the most amount of information and so since I am quickly approaching a pretty major event in my life that is unlike anything I have ever experienced I have been doing a ton of research on birth and to a lessor extent parenting.  One […]

Baking day!

I have loved baking for many years, when it comes to cooking I get a little board because I know how the different elements taste and I want to play and experiment and not follow recipes (unfortunately I am not experiences enough to have most of my experiments work out well) but baking is taking […]

I just had to share…

So after much deliberation and research Bob and I are taking the plunge into making something that I think is pretty ambitious (and no I am not talking about the baby!).  I am not telling what it is because I am mean like that, you can bet that I will share it on here after […]


I have started using all those wool sweaters I got at the thrift store!  I am trying two patterns for the soakers (diaper covers) and made two of each pattern one in new born and one in small.  The photo only shows one of the triangle style pattern (in grey and black stripes) using this […]