Very busy day but wanted to share one of my projects

My mom is flying in tonight for my baby shower on Sat. and so I have been super busy getting ready for her to come as well as trying to get enough rest (is there such a thing as enough rest when you are pregnant?  I have not been able to get enough ever it seems!) but I wanted to show you a project I have been prepping for.  I have several DIY things planned for the nursery but one of them requires a fair amount of felted wool.  I was luck enough to find a 100% wool blanket at the thrift store (my town seriously has the most amazing thrift stores!) for $3 but it was sale day so it was I think 30% off.  I have lots of crafty friends so posted a request for an easy way to felt it on facebook and decided to give just washing it in hot water in the washing machine and then drying it on hot several times a try.  Luckily I had some wool wash/shampoo so I put a couple cap fulls in each wash and over the course of a few days put it though the washer and then dryer.  It ended up shrinking about 10 inches each way and getting much thicker.  I measured it for what I want to use it for (that will be revealed in my next post) and decided I really needed another blanket.  I headed out to the thrift stores again and found one that I was pretty sure was wool but it didnt have a tag and I was not sure it was 100% wool or a blend.  I took and gamble and got it for $8.  I came home and did some googling and found this great video talking abut hot to tell if your blanket is 100% wool or not, and mine was!  I am currently felting the new blanket and will post about my project when I have some photos to share.  Are you curious what it is?


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