Making progress!

Bob is almost done painting the nursery and it is looking so great!  I am super excited to see it done and get the furniture that is temporarily being housed in our kitchen/dinning room back in there!  I have been working hard the last week or so to have clearly defined areas to put things away as well so that when our little one arrives and we are functioning on very little sleep it will be (hopefully) much easier to keep the house tidy.  I will admit that I am very good an organizing small spaces but when it comes to a whole house I get overwhelmed easily and so things usually end up getting shoved where ever they will fit.  Well no more!  We are lucky enough to have two wonderful built in closets in our hallway with three drawers and three shelves each so that has been a big help in finding a home for everything and then getting rid of what we cant find a home for.  I will admit that it is still a work in progress and there are still some stacks of things waiting to be delt with in the hall (and possibly the dinning room table) but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel to getting this project done!

A good motivation for me getting this done is my mom coming for a visit next week for my baby shower.  Not only do I want to have a tidy home while she is here but I also want to have a tidy home to bring baby things home to so that it does not just add to our disorganization.  So far I think we will be done on schedule, although I realized the other day that we are going to be super busy next week right before my mom gets here so I don’t have quite as much time as I had thought…

Also last week my sister-in-law took this photo of me while we were out thrift store hopping.  I was hoping to have a nice one with me standing against the brick wall of the Opera House downtown but the shadows f the wall and my black shirt made it so you couldnt really see the baby bump very well.  I will have to go back earlier in the day sometime wearing another color and try again, but until then here is my latest belly bump photo.

belly bump late Aug.


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