Progress on nursery

SO I spent the day going through stuff that was in the closet of what was Bob’s and my office and is now Bob’s office and the nursery.  I had the closet pretty well stuffed with stuff, books, art supplies, and other random crap so it has been a big job.  I have it all emptied (except for one top shelf that I think is going to have to stay my territory as I really don’t know where to put the stuff that is there) and started putting things that we have for the baby into it.  Now the hall way in front of the nursery is pretty full of stuff and there are a few stacks of things on the floor of the nursery that I have to find homes for but I feel pretty good about the progress I made today.

I also finally got around to washing some of the things we got at the half off day of the consignment sale I mentioned in the last post.  Our biggest prize from that trip was a set of children’s china made by non other than Tiffany & Co. that set us back a whole $2.50.  I also got a darling china doll of Peter Cottontail which is perfect for our woodland theme nursery.  I don’t like the nurseries that have a very commercial theme like Pooh or Disney Princesses or whatever but there are defiantly a few touches of Peter Rabbit (and even Pooh) in the room as I am a sucker for the stories as well as a bunny lover so the doll will fit in quite nicely.  It to only cost $2.50 so I don’t feel to bad about spending money on something that can really only sit on a shelf.

When the nursery is a little more presentable I will take some photos and post them.


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