Well I am really feeling pregnant now…

I am 6 months pregnant now really starting to feel the difference in my body.  It seems like for so long I just felt like I had an extra burger or Thanksgiving dinner (and looked it mostly too) but now I definatly look pregnant and wow just in the last week do I feel pregnant!  The other night when I tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom (which is a common occurrence) it took me way to long to roll over because once I got onto my back I could not shift my center of balance enough to roll onto my other side to sit up.  Yesterday we had to get some work one on our car so walked to the nearsts shopping center to kill time and I swear I have to visit the ladies room at least 10 times in the hour and a half that we were out!  I always thought the having to pee every 5 minutes while pregnant was a bit of a joke, now I know better!  I have also stsrted having some fun lower back pain but excpet for a few days ago have managed to keep it mostly under controle by sleeping with lots of support.  Unfortunatly this means that my poor husband is being slowly pushed out of bed with the mountain of pillows I have to use to sleep every night.  He is mostly a good sport about it but it makes it pretty hard to cuddle at night like we enjoy doing and that makes us both kind of sad.

We are closing in on the home stretch though and I am getting a little freaked out about how much we still have to get done and aquire before our little one makes his or her appearance into the world.  I found out about a really great sale that is happening in towns surrounding us around now though and we were able to get in for a preview before most shoppers as first time parents last week in Folsom and again this week in Sacramento.

Just Between Friends is a group that sets up consignment sales all over the country for a weekend and people bring in baby, kids, and maternity things they are looking to sell and so its like a huge multi family garage sale in one spot.  We got some amazing deals last week and were able to check off a few things we wanted for Baby George that normally cost between $40-60 and spent $8-18 on them as well as getting some other great things for $6 or less.  They also have a half off sale on the last day but we felt like we got good prices on the things we wanted and didnt bother going back to that one on half off day.  We went to another one last night and while we didnt get any higher priced things we did get a nice amount of stuff that we got great prices on like fabric books (we are big books lovers in this family and I love the idea of just throwing the book in the washer when it has been suficiently drooled upon) a set of maternity PJs, some to die for soft sheepskin booties to keep Baby Georges little toes warm in our drafty old house, and some other goodies.  We may go back to this one on half off day as it is only 20 minutes away.  These trips have helped me feel a little calmer about the quick approaching baby but we still need to get a decent cloth diaper stash, a car seat and a crib mattress.   Any way if you have kids or are expecting check out the website above and see if there is a sale in your area, it looks like they have them in the fall and spring and they are a great way to stock up on things.  There was a huge amount of children’s clothing which I am proud to say I resisted looking at (it was not easy), games, furniture, strollers, etc.


Photo on 8-23-13 at 10.58 AM #2 Belly on 8/23


Some people have asked for a photo of my belly so here is one I just took.  I am hoping to get some nice ones taken this weekend in a pretty setting but right now this is the best I can do.


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