Yep we are having a baby!

So we have kept this under wraps for a while as there were a few people we really wanted to tell in person but tomorrow we are going public with the big news that we will be adding a new George to the family this November.  The last six months have flown by and I cant believe that we will have a new baby in a few months.  We fluctuate between excitement and terror over the fast approaching event but overall we cant wait to meet our new little one.  

We are not going to find out the gender of the baby which I think is driving some of our family crazy, oh well!  We like the surprise of finding out when the baby is born and since we would mostly get gender neutral stuff for the nursery any way (so it can be used again for a possible sibling) we figure it does not matter that much when we find out.  I am a big fan of surprises and this is basically the best surprise of all!



One thought on “Yep we are having a baby!

  1. I am so very happy and excited for you! Congratulations on your newest member to your family! You will be a fantastic mom Laura:) no other job in the world holds a better title than Mom!

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