Progress on nursery

SO I spent the day going through stuff that was in the closet of what was Bob’s and my office and is now Bob’s office and the nursery.  I had the closet pretty well stuffed with stuff, books, art supplies, and other random crap so it has been a big job.  I have it all […]

The Baby Blues

No not those kind of blues.  So far I have been a very happy pregnant lady, except for when it comes to trying to find gender neutral clothing.  Since we are not finding out the gender of Baby George (and also because we are thrifty and would like to be able to reuse baby clothing […]

A few fun facts about baby George

(Please excuse the use of it to describe the baby, since we are not finding out the gender until it is born this is the easiest way to talk about it.) It likes to kick mostly on the lower left side of my belly just above my hip. It measured almost exactly the right size […]

Yep we are having a baby!

So we have kept this under wraps for a while as there were a few people we really wanted to tell in person but tomorrow we are going public with the big news that we will be adding a new George to the family this November.  The last six months have flown by and I […]